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A domain paid 1.99£

At the moment, the domain redirects to my DEV account because I don’t have a real personal website. I don’t have one since I don’t write so much even if I’d like to. So what? Since I paid for it, I want to use it properly and not only as a mere redirect to

PS. I bought my domain on GoDaddy. Take a look, you may find some good deals like mine.

My idea

My idea is to create a website where to post things, more often. You can clearly see two challenges here, one more difficult than the other. Creating my personal website shouldn’t be so hard since I’m quite familiar with React and GraphQL. But posting regularly.. That’s where things become tough. But I want to try, for real this time. I have to find inspiration and start writing more often. It hasn’t to be always about the code.

A starting point

As I said, at the moment I possess a domain,, which redirects to my DEV account. I posted some interesting stuff there but unconstantly and maybe with errors. I am not used to review what I write. I do it impulsively, like in a sort of a short but intense nirvana. Then I don’t write anything for months.

I’d like to use my domain as the domain for my website. But where can I host the website? GitHub Pages maybe..? It’s an idea. Firebase? Too much work for what I’d like to do.. I don’t want to deal with cloud functions, deploying and all that stuff for now. I want something easy to update when I post some content.

I found this How Gatsby Works with GitHub Pages and it looks perfect. Gatsby uses React and GraphQL and I can host it on GitHub for free. And there are a lot of templates to start from. It’s settled. Gatsby to the rescue.

The starter template I picked is this one

Everything starts with a proper setup

I needed to setup the gatsby-cli and luckily they made it so easy to follow in this guide.

With the gatsby-cli installed, it’s enough one command to getting started with my project

gatsby new rossanodan

And it all begins with a good looking message

You can now view gatsby-starter-blog in the browser.
View GraphiQL, an in-browser IDE, to explore your site's data and schema
Note that the development build is not optimized.
To create a production build, use gatsby build

So, http://localhost:8000/ for the site and http://localhost:8000/___graphql for GraphiQL (where to explore data performing queries against a GraphQL-based environment).

I think I have all the necessary to get started building my website!

The development enviroment

The starter template provides some commands to perform basic operations like building or testing. The commands are

  • npm run build to build the project, for example before deploying it
  • npm run develop to start the project locally with hot reload
  • npm run format to run Prettier to format the code
  • npm start a.k.a. npm run develop
  • npm run serve to serve the production build of the site for testing
  • npm run clean to wipe out the cache (.cache folder) and public directories
  • npm test to test the code

Basic commands, nothing special but it’s useful having them ready to use.

The first file to edit is gatsby-config.js. Here lives the core configuration module

module.exports = {
  siteMetadata: {
    title: '',
    author: {
      name: '',
      summary: '',
    description: '',
    siteUrl: '',
    social: {
      twitter: '',

All I did for now is commenting out some stuff like the Bio component since I want to redesign it a little bit.

So if you were searching of a tutorial about how to use Gatsby.. you’re in the wrong place, buddy. I’m sorry. More techinal stuff will come, I promise.

This is just the beginning.